What is Conveyor Material Handling & Types of Conveyor

Conveyors help to safely transport material from one place to another.

Replacing trucks with conveying systems, you will not only increase flexibility, safety but also day-to-day reliability within your operation. Singh Crushers Ltd is the leading manufacturer of conveyor systems in the industry.

We at Singh Crushers build and design conveyor systems that will increase your operation's safety, reduce your cost and dependably cater your material. Singh Crushers make sure to upgrade and modernize existing systems and provide a comprehensive quality of components.

Singh Crushers analyze your conveyor requirement on an outline design of the total system needed in terms of crushing, screening, product characteristics, plant layout, conveyor ready and transfer points, stockyard design as well as overland conveyor route.

Tailored solutions

Our Conveyor systems are tailored as per your specialized requirement. Based on modular requirements that greatly facilitates expansion or relocation, we can optimize or expedite the process of material redistribution, removal or stacking.

Low-energy designs

Singh conveyor systems minimize energy consumption with a combination of the tail, head, booster and intermediate drives that run only during predetermined demand situations. It results in substantial energy savings as well as reducing the operational cost over the life of the project.

Environmentally friendly

Our mining conveyor systems cooperate with the lay of the land. It is a more environmentally friendly along with cost-efficient alternative way to trucking for transportation of bulk materials. Conveyor systems also reduce noise as well as dust emissions.

Specifications of SINGH Conveyors

  • It is easy to install
  • Secured systems
  • It offers nip point protection
  • Optional water spraying
  • It¬† fits into a container easily
  • Easy to erect and dismantle
  • It provides compact dimensions that can be fully dust encapsulated
  • Operational safety

Singh Crushers offers the best conveyor material handling systems to its customers with a wide range of conveying equipment that are reliable, secured and easy to maintain. Our state of the art conveyors are compact and simple. It is easy to transport, erect and dismantle the material.

We ensure to give special preference to designing the head and tail pulley assemblies. The heavy-duty assemblies ensure extended belt life because of its excellent tracking facility. Rubber-coated drums and crowned, plays a crucial role in extending the belt life.

We offer the widest range of optional accessories at Singh Crushers from the renowned brands that are available with your profit partner Singh. Along with profitability, we ensure safety for our customers. We have a comprehensive list of safety equipment that can be added to carry out the risk-free operation.

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